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Teambuilding & Teamworking


“Build up the group”, this is what we would like to do using different activities (adventures activities, outdoor training, etc…)


Teambuilding goals are: improve relations between colleagues and increase confidence, enhance dialogue and collaboration, stimulate creativity, motivate to reach the same goal.


Teamworking is better! The group is better than the sum of the members. Many people with different attitudes and abilities but with the same goal.


Teambuilding promotes comparison between members’ emotional and cognitive aspects. Our group activities are carried out in a fascinating natural context. Our collaborators will follow every moment of the activity and will define aims and results.

Our idea of Teambuilding:

Our activities will involve actively the group members.


We will use different techniques like:


  •  “Circle Time”: The aim is to enrich the relation between group members and create a collaborative climate facilitating the opinions’ exchange


  • Leadership and motivation;


  • Problem solving strategies;


  • Physical and psychological techniques.

The teambuilding pillars are:


1. Improvisation/adventure/instinctivity;


2. Metaphor: to connect our activities with real life;


3. Analysis and consideration;


4. Practicality and participation.