Le Marche: Hills, Hike and Wines

Le Marche: Hills, Hike and Wines

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Tasting Le Marche on foot is a great way to get to know a region that offers cultural heritage in a unique naturalistic and historically well-preserved area, as well as protected natural parks of exceptional environmental value. These excursions are dedicated to the rediscovery of known and less known corners of the territory of Le Marche, a treasure of naturalistic, gastronomic and artistic treasures set in valleys of unique charm. The hiking trips will bring visitors to wonderful protected areas, such as the National Park Parco Naturale del Conero, a promontory caressed by the sea, the Furlo Gorge Natural State Reserve, a suggestive canyon that boasts exceptional flora and fauna, and the  San Bartol Natural Park, a cliff on the Adriatic Sea that charms with its magnificent views.

The journey to discover Le Marche is completed with a tasting of its best natural wines. At first glance, the denomination natural wine might seem redundant, as all the wines should be. However, in the journey from the vineyard to the cellar the legislation authorizes a multitude of physical-chemical interventions that of natural have very little. That’s why, for this tour, we only chose biological, biodynamic and natural farms, which have gradually moved away from the conventional production, preferring one with low environmental impact, making wine production no longer a simple operation of marketing but a real philosophy of life.

May - June / September - October
With the arrival at Ancona Central Station, our guests will be transferred to a facility in the Conero Natural Park. The exploration of Le Marche will start from the bay of Portonovo, the "Green" bay, immersed in the Park and far from the busy roads. The medieval church of Santa Maria di Portonovo is just one of the precious monuments that we will encounter while immersed in the Mediterranean flora. Emblem of the Romanesque Architecture, it was built shortly after the year one thousand by Benedictine monks. It was also mentioned by Dante in the 21st canto of Paradiso for hosting San Pier Damiani. Afterwards, we will start nearby with a tasting of the precious white wines of the region. Our first stop will be at Lucesole farm, which processes grapes coming exclusively from their vineyards. In this environment, the grapes undergo the pressing process at a slow pace and in a natural way, without invasive operations. The remarkable peculiarity of their wines is due to the particular soil conditions, the microclimate and the system of vinification, which still follows the canons of traditional culture combined with more advanced technology. We will taste the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC, a wine that represents Le Marche’s winemaking excellence in the world. We'll also have a chance to try the characteristic Visciolata, a drink prepared with wine, sugar and wild cherries called Visciole. Transfer by minibus - Portonovo - Sirolo 15 minutes 15 km Tourist ★☆☆☆ 1 hours walking, 50 m gain.

Day 2 will be entirely dedicated to the typical hilly landscape and good wines of Le Marche. We will visit the Hermitage of the Cupramontana Caves, also known as of the White Friars, as it was chosen by the Camaldolese Monks towards the end of the 11th century. It’s an ancient monastic complex with caves created from tuff, which preserve the magic of time and traditions. Here, the truly unspoiled nature welcomed and protected the prayers and work of the "White Friars" over the centuries, who mainly survived on agronomy and agriculture. This magical place has inspired the Sparapani family to make great wines. The 12 hectares of Verdicchio do the rest. Verdicchio is cultivated exclusively in Le Marche, with Cupramontana as its capital. It is also used to produce sparkling wines, both classic methods, as well as Charmat, always of great value. By continuing the hike, we will reach the second cellar. La Distesa is a rural community that extends over two farms in the municipality of Cupramontana, in the province of Ancona. The main activity is cultivation of grapes for the production of high quality natural wines, but the farm also consists of olive trees, arable land, fodder and woods. The whole company is a certified organic farm. La Distesa is also a keeper of that natural environment that is the agricultural landscape of Le Marche: a living organism generated by the continuous and secular men' work. Today, we will not only enjoy Verdicchio, Trebbiano and Malvasia but a rural life experience.

Transfer by minibus - Cupramontana - Sirolo 1 h 60 km

Beginners ★★

4 hours walking, 10 km lenght, 250 m gain.
On day 3, we will move to Torre di Palme, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, named "Il Porto del Vino" (The Wine Harbor) by Romans, who conquered it in the III century BC Torre di Palme offers incomparable urban views, with narrow streets between the facades of well-tended houses, framing wide views of the sea and the hills surrounding. In this context, we will begin the walk to the Bosco del Cugnolo, one of the few remaining strips of Mediterranean vegetation on the coast of Le Marche, which has an exceptional botanical value. The “Cave of Lovers” gives further charm to the walk thanks to the love story bound to it. The time travelling continues in the town of Fermo, which hides in the underground a labyrinth of over 2200 square meters of ancient Roman cisterns, which remain among the most impressive of Europe. Leaving behind the Roman skills in water management, we will plunge back into the world of wines. We will visit the farm Maria Pia Castelli, which extends for eight hectares in the municipality of Monte Urano (FM). Maria Pia Castelli resorts to biodynamic practices, using sulfur and the bare minimum of copper as a prevention of diseases and natural oils for managing insects in the vineyard. Finally, a careful and patient job in the rows, as well as a careful selection of the grapes before harvest, and yields of 25/30 ?? shows how the company has made its own the principle “quality is better than quantity”. Transfer by minibus - Torre di Palme - Sirolo 50 h 55 km

Tourist ★

2 walking, 6 km Lenght, 150 m gain.
We will begin by travelling to Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Natural Park. These deep canyons are crossed by the waters of the Sentino (Gola di Frasassi) and Esino rivers (Gola della Rossa). The adventure will start from a truly unique temple and a very ancient monastery set in a gigantic rocky cave that is the entrance to the 'real' Cave of Frasassi. In order not to miss anything, we will walk along the Sentino up to the sulfur springs to return home with soft and smooth skin. Finally, it is impossible to give up a visit to San Vittore delle Chiuse, one of the best-preserved Romanesque abbeys in this region. From here, we will move to Ostra Vetere to taste the award-winning wines from Bucci farm. Organic since ever and certified for over twenty years, this family produces Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC from over 40 years old vineyards located in various hills, different in altitude and exposure. It is a white wine, with characteristics typical of the red ones, and thus so must be treated, both for the temperature at which it is served as well as for its ability to age. Transfer by minibus - San Vittore delle Chiuse - Sirolo 1 h 75 km

Beginners ★★

4 hours walking, 11km Lenght, 250 m gain
On day 5, we will be doing an hiking in the Mt. San Vicino Natural Reserve . From the small and charming village of Elcito, we will pass by the secular beech forest of Mt. Canfaito, admiring views from the sea to the Sibillini Mountains. We will then move to Castelraimondo, to visit Collestefano farm. "Collestefano" is the name that has always been given to this small village in the Central Marche, purchased by the Marchionni family in the late 1970s. Here, organic farming has always been practiced, and since 1995 it has been certified. The vineyard is part of a wider self-sufficient and balanced ecological system, where the soil is nourished only by organic fertilizers, minimizing the use of copper. The pedological and climatic peculiarities of this area make the Verdicchio di Matelica one of the most featured of the Marche DOC wines. Transfer by minibus - Braccano - Sirolo 1 h and 15 minutes 90 km

Passionate ★★

4/5 hours walking, 14km Lenght, 400 m gain
Sea, earth and sky: in the Conero Natural Park these elements come together, creating a perfect synthesis. Trekking from north to south on the promontory of Monte Conero will repay us with breathtaking views and paths immersed in the Mediterranean flora, enjoying the Northern Belvedere, the former Convent of the Camaldolese, the Roman Caves and the inscriptions cave. Together, we will discover the most suggestive corners of the Park, enjoying views of the sea with sheer cliffs and bays. The healthy air in this Natural Park, combined with the thousand aromas of the plants that populate it and the breathtaking views is the perfect business card of Le Marche region. There, we will greet you with a last toast before the transfer to Ancona train station. Transfer by minibus - Ancona - Sirolo 25 minutes 20 km


4 hours walking, 10km Lenght, 350 m gain N.B. The activity order and contents can change in order to the Guide decision, in case specific circumstances occur.
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