Puglia: Hiking by the Sea through Southern Italy Treasures

Puglia: Hiking by the Sea through Southern Italy Treasures

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Puglia: Hiking by the Sea through Southern Italy Treasures

Marvellous hiking tour on the Salento Adriatic Coast. Backpaking we will reach the locations of Torre dell’Orso, Otranto and Punta Palascia, Porto Badisco and Torre S.Emiliano, the charming path of Cipolliane, between the white gleaming of the cliffs and blue of the sea, to carry out the trekking in Santa Maria di Leuca, de Finibus Terrae. We are available to be winded by the luxuriant nature of the “Costa Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca – Bosco di Tricase” Natural Park rich in botanical, geological and historical peculiarities. During our walk, we’ll follow coastal towers, that form one uninterrupted line along the coast: they are representative locations, today keepers of the sensational Nature of this land. We are continuing on paths of red ground, hidden tracks, old paths, high cliffs, but we will give ourselves excursions by boat to visit the wonderful caves of the coast of Castro, which can be reached only from the sea. They are full of prehistorical testimonies and offer stalactites and stalagmites sculptured into the limestone, incredible light games and unusual sounds. Instead, in Santa Maria di Leuca we’ll have an excursion by boat to see from the sea the numerous caves of this strip of land. We are expecting enjoyful stopping places to the beach, benefiting the summer climate. Moreover, in the evening, after a deserved relaxation, we may taste the culinary specialities of this land: we start from the numerous and tasteful appetizers, the really typical ‘ncannulate, “orecchiette”, a ear- shaped pasta cooked with broccoli rabe, very fresh fish, numerous types of meatballs, desserts made up of almond dough and many other dishes of Salento tradition we will pleasantly discover.

May - June / September - October
1st Day: Lecce
Guided tour of the city of Lecce. We are driven by a tourist guide and know the baroque art of Lecce, by turning around the streets of the city and stopping to taste a good pasticciotto, local specialities. Dinner and overnight stay in farm holiday Roca Vecchia.
2nd Day: Roca Vecchia - Frassanito
From Roca Vecchia to Frassanito: the route develops along the white rocky coast. The route starts from Roca Vecchia, archeological site which conserves the remains of old Messapian settlements; we will walk in direction to Torre dell’Orso, where a charming beach and the “two sisters”, a rock symbol of the marine, will appear us. We’ll follow towards Sant’Andrea by its maravellous stacks and Frassineto, running on a trait characterized by many white sand beaches and a luxuriant vegetation. Local oil tasting and dinner based on traditional dishes.. Overnight stay in farm holiday at Frassanito.  

Beginners ★★

5/6 hours (stopovers and baths are included) , 10 km lenght, 50 m elevation gain.
3rd Day: Frassanito - Otranto
At the beginning we walk through the marvellous pinewood of Alimini and continue by treading the white sand of the bay. The beach slowly transforms itself into a lower cliff covered by Mediterranean bushes. We are moving to the Baia dei Turchi which is famous for the landing of the turkish fleet that conquered Otranto in 1480. We are continuing through cultivated fields to reach Otranto. Relax at the farm holiday, located behind of the famous tower of Serpente, symbol of Otranto. Nearby the town it will be possible to visit the Cathedral with its floor mosaic and the remains of 800 martyrs. Dinner based on traditional dishes and overnight stay in the farm holiday at Otranto.  

Beginners ★★

6 hours (stopovers and baths are included) , 14 km lenght, 50 m elevation gain.
4th Day: Otranto - Porto Badisco
We depart from the farm holiday to visit the cave of bauxite, which is famous for its vivacious colors. We are getting on the splendid dell’Orte Bay to catch the Light of Punta Palascia, the eastest point of Italy. From here, we procede to visit the farm Cippano and Torre Sant’Emiliano. The arrival at Porto Badisco will allow us to know the geological transformations of the region. The hotel will host us in the calm village of Badisco. Dinner based on traditional dishes and overnight stay in hotel at Porto Badisco.  

Passionate ★★

6 hours (stopovers and baths are included) , 14 km lenght, 150 m elevation gain.
5th Day: Porto badisco - Castro
The route starts from the coast, by watching breathtaking views. We rise up to the interlands to arrive at Santa Cesarea and, after the visit of the town famous for its thermal sources, we will go by boat in to Castro to visite the marine caves which make vivacious the coast. Ended the visit to the cave of Zinzulusa, we reach our B&B with a marvellous view to the sea. The most mournful people may enjoy the red colors of the dawn. Dinner based on traditional dishes and overnight stay in B&B at Castro.  

Beginners / Passionate ★★

3 hours (stopovers and baths are included) , 8 km lenght, 200 m elevation gain.
6th Day: Novaglie - Santa Maria di Leuca
Transfer by car from Castro to Novaglie. Trekking from Navaglie to Santa Maria di Leuca, wonderful route through one of the most famous paths of Salento: the path of Cipolliane. We are walking among terraces, montagnate (defence for the cultures) and pajare (typical rural dry construction made in stone) to reach the caves of Cipolliane that offer unique emotions. We’ll continue to the old channel of Ciolo up to the town of Gagliano del Capo. From here, among cultivated fields, we are crossing the wonderful countryside and arriving at Santa Maria di Leuca, the last strip of land of the region. We’ll be hosted in a pleasant farm holiday and enjoy the delicious cooking of the restaurant overlooked to Punta Ristola, the southest point of Salento. Overnight stay in farm holiday at Santa Maria di Leuca.  

Passionate ★★

6 hours (stopovers and baths are included) , 12 km lenght, 100 m elevation gain.
7th Day:
In the morning visit by boat to the caves along the coast. We’ll choose the Iono or Adriatic coast according to the dominant winds. Return to Leuca and transfer by bus to Lecce. End of our services.
Difficulty code
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Itineraries on road or large track that don’t require specific training or bearing skills. However, it is necessary to don’t have reduced mobility or cardiovascular disease. 200 m maximum gain and 3 h maximum walking (break excluded)

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Itineraries on easy to find tracks. They need a minimum of training and equipment. 400 m maximum gain and 4 h maximum walking (break excluded)

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Itineraries on easy to find tracks, also in snowy area with moderate slope. They need a minimum of equipment and bearing skills, walking training in mountain condition for few hours. 600 m maximum gain and 5 h maximum walking (break excluded)

Difficulty ★★★☆



Itineraries not well marked. They need a reasonable mountain knowledge and absence of vertigo. Physical training should be appropriate to a full day walking. 600 m maximum gain and more than 5 h walking (break excluded).

Difficulty ★★★★



Tour info

Luggage and backpacks: A good level of physical training is required. We will walk the entire route on foot with a small backpack. Luggages will be moved from one accomodation to the other.
Allergies and specific diet: Don’t forget to inform us about your specific dietary need. Last minute request may not be accepted. On the route could be difficult to find detail food like gluten – free. For this reason we higly recommend to bring your own food.

Single bedroom: On request with extra cost.



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Price on request

The price includes:

  • Overnight stay in hotel with double, 3 or 4 beds bedrooms with private bathroom;
  • Guided hiking among wonders of Salento;
  • Certified Nature and Walking Guide;
  • Dinners and breakfast;
  • Tasting of local extra virgin olive oil;
  • Guided tour of Lecce;
  • Luggage transfer;
  • Tour by boat to the caves of Castro;
  • Insurance includes technical assistance, medical expenses and luggage.

The price does not include

  • Personal insurance;
  • Packed lunches (you can buy directly in the accomodation) and drinks during meals;
  • Transfer from/to meeting point (Lecce);
  • Extra cost for single bedrooms;
  • Entrance fees;
  • Personal extras;
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